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Hetal Solanki is the owner of Hetvi Astro & Vastu Consultant, where Vijay Solanki renders his services.

Dr.Vijay Solanki since childhood is different from others. He has a special vision & insight for unpredictable. His father who himself is a very good Astrologer & Numerologist saw this god gifted talent in him and nurtured the seeds of Astrologist & Numerologist in him. Thus, Dr.Vijay Solanki inherited the skills from his father making him a dynamic personality in this profession. He has an in depth knowledge of Astrology, Vastu& Numerology.

He had always a desire to learn more about the position of celestial bodies & related details helping to judge a person’s behavior, attitude etc. This desire led him to meet a renounced personality Guruji Dr. Rajeshji, (Heiro, London) under whose guidance he mastered all the techniques.

He completed his Jyotish Ratnam, Jyotish Visharad (gold medalist), Vastu Visharad and finally Jyotish Aacharya on the subject “ ROLE OF SEPERATIVE PLANETS IN HOROSCOPE.” Vijay strongly believes that day to day suffering of humans, disharmony, stress, unhappiness, problems & tension can be minimized easily by authentic implication of this science. Using this scientific technique he has given many predictions which were perfectly correct.

Dr.Vijay Solanki rendered his services since 1998, but inception of Hetvi Astro &Vastu Consultant took place in the year 2004. It deals in Astrology ( Computerised Horoscope through a licensed software), Gemology, VastuShashtra, Geopathic Stress& we also give consultation regarding Business, Child’s education & career, Numerology etc

Since then it has many clients who have benefitted through the services rendered by them.

  • Pl note we do not perform any kind of Pooja’s or Karmakand rituals.


Hetvi Astro & Vastu Consultant is affiliated to:

  • Brihad Gujarat Astrological Society.
  • School of Indian Dowsers & Geomancy
  • 3rd eye spiritual.
  • JagatJyothi Foundation (Geo Engineers).
  • International Astro Foundation.


Our vision is to translate your stress into happiness.


To impart and spread the ancient Indian knowledge of Vastu and Astrology in a truthful way.

Quality Policy

Hetvi Astro & Vastu Consultant helps society:

  • Is a genuine firm who believes in truth.
  • Gives perfect tips for solving problems.
  • Privacy of each client is maintained by us.
  • Believes in hard and sincere work.

Our Activities:

  • Gave Astrology programmes named “GrahoniGatividhi” on Channel Inn Bharuch in the year 2008 & 2009.
  • From 2010 to 2014 gave once a week consultation related to Vastu& Astrology and cleared doubts of people at Jalaram Temple, Kasak, Bharuch.
  • A lecture on the topic “Practical Uses of Astrology &Vastu in Today’s Life” in Bharuch Junior Chambers (Jaycees) on 23rd March, 2013.
  • On 23rd February, 2014 in Reliance Industries Officer’s Club.
  • A free seminar along with a PowerPoint Presentation on the topic “Industrial Vastu” in Vapi Industrial Association, Vapi on 4th August,2015.
  • A lecture along with PowerPoint Presentation on “What isVaastu Shastra& How It Helps Us” on 18th January,2017 in GNFC Ladies Club, Bharuch.

Effects of Geopathic Stress :

  • Geopathic Stress lowers your immune system, so you have less chance of fighting any illness.
  • Restlessness, difficulty in getting sleep, waking up with head ache or back pain , restless feet and legs in bed.
  • Asthma and respiratory difficulties in night, fatigue and lethargy in daytime, unexplained mood changes, aggression and depression.
  • Migrane, Nervousness, Aggressive, Hyperactive, Children bed wetting
  • Infertility , miscarriage, marital disharmony, premature death, not responding to medications, prolonged illness.
  • Deadly Diseases like cancer, coma, tumours.
  • Difficulty in selling a property,
  • Frequent Fights in the Family,
  • Continuous loss in Business, Murders & Robberies, Accidents and many more such problems which are harmful to us.



Falguni Vaishnav, UK.

In our settlement in the foreign Vijaybhai's guidance was helpful to us.

Sheetal Solanki

I & my husband took consultation of vijay sir for my School vastu set up. Now everything is best as per his guidance.

Damina Patel

I had lot of hurdles after my marriage to go abroad . After I took consultation , my dreams came true and now I am settled in Los Angeles, USA.

Arch. Karan Patel

I took vijaybhai guidance for designing my bunglows 100% as per Aura Vastu . He is a genius of Vastu.

Geeta Musawala

My daughter's career consultation i took advice of Vijay Sir.

Vaishakhi, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, London

All my family members look up to his guidance during good & bad times. He is honest , selfless & most reliable astrologer.

Mrs.Rashmi Shah from Toronto, Canada.

We were having issue in our business since long time and my kids were also having problem in their educational performance.Our life was really disturbed. After consulting Mr.Vijay our problems has been resolved and and its looks like our time has changed now.He really helped us to change our life.I will truly recommend his services.

Mr.Bhavesh & Rachna Shah Toronto, Canada.

I had contacted Vijaybhai for his consultation to purchase our new house. He guided us with the smallest details important for buying a house. We are very happily settled in our new house. He is genuine in his profession. I am satisfied with his service. God bless him.

Mr. Amit Vaghela (BE Chemical Enginerr, MBA)

I had taken guidance from Mr.Vijay Solanki for good and stable job offer. After meeting him I was satisfied by his predictions and I got a very good job and am well set in Ahmedabad.

Mr. Dipen BE IC

I had come to know about Hetvi Astro & Vastu Consultant from one of my friend. I visited it for guidance in my newly built career. I was shocked to see the predictions made by him were completely accurate and thus I thank him for his services and pray he always remains so sharp and accurate.


I had taken advice of Vijaybhai as we wanted to settle out of India i.e. in foreign countries. I am really thankful to him as his accurate prediction helped us in settling in the foreign countries and live a happy life.

Mr. Vinod Rajani Ganesh Sweets & Caterers

I heartily thank Hetvi Astro & VastuConsultant in helping me expand my business. The guidance given was followed by me and I got instant results after following the instructions given by them to me.

Keci Shah

I had contacted Vijay uncle in helping me choose my career as per my stars & horoscope. I thank him for guiding me to reach my goal in near future.

Mr. Rajendra Rathi (General Manager Excise, Reliance Industries, Dahej)

I needed guidance for my childrens’ education and over all development which I got through HA&VC. Their vast knowledge in Vastu and Astrology gave immediate benefit to my children. I know them since last 7 yrs. I recommended them to more than 100 people who were also benefitted.

Mr. Binit Siddhiwala (Owner of Biniton Systems)

I am the owner of Biniton Systems(authorised Lenovo Showroom & Service Centre). I had taken guidance for vastu in office and rearranged my office according to the guidance. Within 6 months I i.e. Biniton Systems came in the top 10 sellers of Gujarat. Thanks a lot. He is a Genius.

Mr. Ankit Shah (IIHT,Chairman, Bharuch)

I had consulted him regarding my father’s health problem and also related to family matters, within 3 months I got to see the benefits. Hats Off to him!!!

Mrs. Apoli Shah (Primary Teacher, QACS)

I had contacted him regarding my daughter’s admission as well as our family growth. I got the results within a month. He is a Man of Miracles. Everything said and done is perfect. May God grant him success through out in Vastu as well Numerology.

Mr.Dharmesh Patel (Sr.Manager, Reliance Industries, Dahej)

I had gone to Vijay for his consultation regarding my brother’s ( Dr.Minesh’s ) career. He gave me a perfect answer and now he is well settled in his field . I heartily thank him for his guidance rendered to my family.

Mr.Dhiraj Chauhan (Owner, D.C & Co., Bharuch)

I was given his reference by a close friend of mine at a time when I was in debt. I had faced a big jolt in my business. After listening to me he gave me many remedial suggestions which I followed sincerely. I would like to let it spread wide and far that he is a genius. I followed him and his words with a blind faith and once again I have regained my lost status and am now leading a well settled life.

Mrs.Jignyaben Mehta (Andheri , Mumbai)

I had sort Mr. Vijay’s advice for my son’s career and also after buying a flat at Andheri(w), I had called him for his consultation regarding the interior. As per his in depth knowledge in Vastu Shastra he made me do certain changes which has proved to be beneficiary for me. I also followed his suggestions for my LIC work and I am happy to inform that it has been flourishing since then.

Mr.Mayur Vandra( MS Computer Science ,New Jersey,USA)

I had completed my B.E from Babaria Institute of Technology. I wanted to go abroad for my further studies for which I consulted Vijaybhai. I followed his tips and also worked as per the allotted time by him helped me in getting my visa. I heartily thank him as I have successfully come towards the end of my goal. Thanks !!

Mrs.Priyanka Chauhan (B.E EC , Banglore)

I bought a flat according to the Vastu rules suggested by Vijay. I started to feel the positive effects of Vastu in my house. I lead a well settled married life, also I am prospering in my job. I was not a keen believer in Vastu at that time but I now strongly believe that (Vastu Shastra) our ancient Indian Shastra is really helpful in one’s over-all development. It is possible only if we follow it completely and moreover have a genuine person who has a vast and in depth knowledge of it, which I am proud to say Vijay is amongst those learned people.

Mr.Rajesh Nair (Owner-RadhaKrishna Tyres, Bharuch)

I came in contact with Vijaybhai and got some very beneficial suggestions related to Vastu in redesigning my shop. After doing the necessary changes my business has improved a lot and there is no turning back now. I also took his suggestions when I decided to buy a bungalow for me. He himself approved the area as well as the bungalow for me as per the Vastu rules and due to this I am leading a very happy life.

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