Vastu Granth

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials. It is all about the interaction of various forms of best effect on a living person. It aims to create an subtle atmosphere in which we can bring the best in ourselves. Like any other science, vastu is universal, rational, practical and utilitarian. It is not a religion but a science.

The principles laid down in Vastu were formed keeping in mind the influence of the Sun, its heat and light, energy, directions of the wind, the moon’s position, earth’s magnetic field, and the influence of cosmos on our planet. The system is a mixture of science of directions, astronomy and astrology.

The five elements of Panch Mahabhuta are Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether. Taking care of these elements is called Vastu Shastra. NorthEast direction is also called as " Eshan" or "Ishan" Corner or Vastu Pooja Corners or God's corner. The head of Vastu Purush is always in Eshan direction.

(Northeast) Eshan corner is the most important corner that gives all round development. If Eshan corner is loss the family suffers a lot and the members suffer with many problems, and if Ishan corner is clean, risen or extended then the family members position will gradually develop. They lead a peaceful and enjoyable life. This is the holiest direction among 8 (Eight) directions in Vastu Shastra. This direction should be open and less loaded when compared to all other directions.

History of Vastu Shastra:

Vastu Shastra is more than 5000 yrs old. We, humans built our luxurious houses keeping in mind the five elements of our environment. As the brains of humans began to become sharper they began to think about effects (good/bad) of environment on them as well as their houses. Our sages have written many books out of which Vishwakarma, Rajvallabha & VastuPadvinyas are the most ancient books. We also get more knowledge of vastu from many Puranas like Vayupurana, Matsyapurana, Agnipurana, Skandpurana etc. Vastu Shastra is totally based on Sun’s rays and its invisible energy. The seven rays of the Sun have different useful as well as destructive energy. Hence, from sunrise to sunset the different directions face different effects. The seven rays of the sun stand for the seven Gods Parjana, Kashyap, Mahendra, Surya, Satya, Bhrush, Nabhas. The sages studied the seven rays and according to their qualities given names like Kanchansam, Spatik Nirmal, Indraneel, Vaidryu, Padmarag, Vajrak & Brahmatej. These seven rays are also called as Seven Gods and a day is also divided into 7 parts like 1. Brahmamuhrat 2. Usha 3. Arun 4. Pratahsandhav 5. Madhyayan 6. Aprahan 7. Sayankal

3 to 4.30 am Brahmamuhrat Lord Indra
4.30 to 6 am Ushakaal Lord Kashyap
5 to 9 am Arunkaal Mahendra
9 to 12 pm Pratahsandhav Surya
12 to 3 pm Madhyayan Satya
3 to 6 pm Aprahan Bhrush
6 to 7.30 pm Sayankaal Nalas

In Vastu Shastra Vastu Purush is actively working in a house whether big/small, shops, temples etc. There are many entertaining stories related to Vastu Dev and its rituals for performing pooja in Matsyapuran.

In ancient times Andhak, a demon and Lord Shiva fought a war for many years. After killing this demon the sweat from Lord Shiva’s body took shape of Mahabhoot. He drank blood from Andhak’s body but could not satisfy his hunger. He did great penance and then he was granted a boon by Lord Shiva. He started to kill and eat all human beings and animals on the earth. Human beings, Demons and even God’s were afraid. They went to Lord Brahma. At that time God Brahma suggested them to make him fall upside down. 81 Gods managed to fall him upside down and settled on the different parts of his body. This Mahabhoot begged God Brahama and at that time God Brahma granted him a boon saying that whenever anybody builds a vastu at that time you will be worshipped by them and due to this you will give them health, wealth, peace and happiness and people who do not take your blessings will face lots of troubles given by you.

Many tales are found in many puranas. Another story is taken from our great epic Mahabharata. When Pandavas created Indraprasth, a vastu shastri named Maya had built Mayanagri on the order of Lord Krishna. In this Mayanagri in the centre was a square shaped pond. Maya had built the pond in such an artistically way that it looked like flat land. Duryodhan had fallen in it. Lord Krishna had known to himself that Kauravas will take away Indraprastha from the Pandavas hence he had ordered Maya to build a pond.

In Vastu if there is a well, or pond in the middle than the person who stays there is destroyed. Hence Kauravas were destroyed.

Even in Mohenjodaro and Harappa Civilization Vastu Shastra was used at a great level.

Existing Proof of Vastu Shastra:

India’s most financial aid giver temple “ Tirupati Balaji ” (Vyankteshwar Temple) is in Andhra Pradesh. This is a very ancient temple and its structure is built exactly on Vastu Shastra. This is not just a coincidence. The main entrance of the temple faces East. In the Eshan direction of the temple there is a pond and a temple of Varah Swami. In the Agni direction there is a facility of a Kitchen as well as Lodge for devotees and tourists. There are very tall mountains towards its West and South and in the East and North direction there are slopes on which gardens are grown.

Vastu & Plots direction Information:

In Vastu Shastra each direction has different importance. From the Eight directions Vastu Shastra has main eight rules as per:

  • The East Direction: It is Lord Indra’s direction and also the sun rises from this direction. This direction gives happiness, prosperity, fame. There are nine Gods in this direction:1. Ish 2. Parjanya 3. Jayant 4. Indra 5. Surya 6. Satya 7. Bhrush 8. Akash and 9. Agni
  • The West Direction: This direction belongs to Varun Dev. Varun Dev has rights on Rain and Water. Varun Dev is the main God. 1. Rog 2. Paap 3. Shesh 4. Asur 5. Varun 6 Pushpadevta 7. Sugreev 8. Nandi 9. Pitru. Among these Rog, Paap, Asur, Nandi and Pitru have krur energy. The house should not have main gate facing West.
  • The North Direction: This direction belongs to Kuber, who himself has lots of wealth and fame. In this direction: 1 Ish 2 Diti 3 Aditi 4 Shail 5 Kuber 6. Bhallat 7. Mukhya 8. Naag 9. Rog are all Gods which will give Happiness & Prosperity.
  • The South Direction: Yam is the main God, In all there are 7 gods 1.Agni 2.Pusha 3. Vitatha 4. Gruhxat 5. Yam 6. Gandharva 7. Mrugraj 8. Mrug 9. Pitru
    This direction is said to be not good for any good deeds .
  • The South East Direction: (Agni) In East and South directions Agni is there hence Agni is the main God. Havan, Hom and even putting Vastu Purush can be performed in this direction.
  • The South West Direction (Nairutya) It is in the corners of South and West direction. Nairuti is the goddess of this direction. This direction is not suitable for any good works as we do not get any results. Hence this direction should be used for storing heavy materials. It is not advisable to have any thing as Krur energy will be absorbed making it more dangerous for the human beings.
  • The North –West Direction (Vayavy) It is in the corner of the North and West directions. This direction is of Vayu devta, which is an important source for all humans as well as animals to survive. Hence very tall buildings should not be built and also tall trees should not be planted.
  • The North –East Direction (Eshan) This direction is in the corner of North East. The main God is God himself. Nothing should be built in this direction. Latrines, Waste store room etc should not be built. Wells, Underground tanks, Boring etc is very auspicious and gives very good results. There should not be any pits in the centre or even in vastu’s centre. The reason is Lord Brahma resides there.

Vastu Ashta Chakra:

Keeping in mind the eight directions of Vastu Shastra and its effects on them this ashta chakra if obeyed completely a person can pass out his life in prosperity, wealth and fame.

Vastu For House:

:Puja room:

  • Puja room should mainly be in the East, North or North-East corner.
  • Puja room should never be in South.
  • Puja room should never be in the bed-room.
  • Puja room should always be on the ground floor and never in the basement.
  • The idols should be kept in the North-East portion of the puja room.
  • The idols should not be kept in triangular form.
  • The idols should not be kept facing each other.
  • Broken idols and torn pictures should not be kept in the puja room.
  • Any item, show piece, idols of god etc removed from puja room for any reason should not be kept elsewhere but should be properly viserjit in a river.
  • The lamp should be placed in the South-East direction of the puja room.
  • • Ensure that there is no toilet adjoining the puja room, and not even above or below the room.
  • Never place any photographs of dead people in the puja room.
  • If white or light yellow marble is used for the puja room it is very auspicious.
  • The colours of the walls can be white, light yellow or light blue.
  • The doors and windows are either on the East or the North of the puja room.
  • Ladies in their menstrual cycle should not entre the puja room.
  • No bells should be hung in the puja room.
  • If a mandir is built with wood or steel or marble it should not have any of these Kalash, Gol Ghummat, Gomukh, Dhaja, Vijaystambh, Bhoyru.
  • Havankund in the puja room is always in the South-East direction and when giving aahuti in the havan one should face East. But it also depends according to the yagna of the Gods & Goddesses where one has to sit according to the rules of the shashtras.
  • There should not be any photographs of Mahabharat, animals, birds, idol of Vastu Purush in the puja room.
  • An almirah or show-case can be placed in the Southern or Western wall, but it should be lower than idols.
  • Keep the puja room absolutely clean.
  • The roof of the puja room can be like a pyramid from all the four sides.
  • Avoid keeping heavy figures/idols in the puja room.
  • No idols from ancient temple, statues should be kept in the puja room.
  • Puja room should never be used as a store rom.
  • It is beneficial to build a threshold at the entrance of the puja room.
  • The roof of the puja room should be lower in comparison to the other rooms on the same floor.
  • The doors of the puja room should not close or open automatically.
  • Never hide any wealth or money in the puja room.
  • The Gods should not be kept touching the walls of the puja room at least a gap of 1 inch should be kept.
  • A puja room should not have a shutter or a grill as doors.
  • In the roof of the puja room no ventilation or window should be kept.

:Drawing Room:

  • A drawing room is always either in East or North direction but having in North is auspicious.
  • The slope of the flooring should be either towards East or towards North.
  • The door of the drawing room should not be in the corners of South-East direction or South-West direction but if it faces East or North it is auspicious.
  • The furniture should be either in the West or the South of the drawing room.
  • The head of the house should always sit facing East or North.
  • Television should be kept in the South-East or South or West. If the television is in the North-West direction it remains continuously on wasting time of family members.
  • Telephone should be kept in the East or North direction of the room.
  • The sitting arrangement should be such that it faces either East or North of the drawing room.
  • Photographs of Gods, waterfalls can be hung in the North-East direction of the drawing room.
  • The walls and tiles of the drawing room should be white, yellow, blue or green. Black or red colour should not be used.
  • The chandelier should not be in the centre but a little towards West side of the room.
  • No photographs of crying children, ladies, birds, animals, scenes of Mahabharat should not be hung in the drawing room.
  • Furniture in the drawing room should never be round, triangular, hexagon, oval shaped or uneven shaped. It should be either square or rectangular shaped.
  • If due to lack of space furniture is to be kept either in the North or East side than it should be arranged a little away from the flooring.
  • Air cooler should be kept in the West side of the drawing room.
  • Nowadays the height of drawing room is kept little higher but the steps going from the drawing room should be either South facing, West facing or South West facing.


  • The ideal direction for a kitchen is the South-East corner of a house.
  • The second best choice is the North-West corner of a house.
  • The platform of the kitchen should be in East or in the South East direction.
  • A kitchen must never face main entrance of the house.
  • The gas stove should be in the South East corner and must be a few inches away from the wall.
  • The gas stove must never be in front of the main door.
  • The person cooking food should always face East.
  • The entry to the kitchen should be North, East or West. It should not be in any of the corners.
  • The gas cylinders should be kept in the South East where as the empty cylinders in the South West direction.
  • Refrigerator can be kept in South East, South, North or West. Never keep in North East direction.
  • Electrical equipments should be kept in the South East or South direction. They must never be kept in the North West part of the kitchen.
  • The kitchen must never be below or above a bathroom/toilet.
  • The Kitchen must never be located in the North or North East as this can badly affect a person’s career.
  • The toilet and kitchen must never share a common wall. Both the defects can have adverse effect on the resident’s health.
  • Windows and Exhaust fans are to be kept in the East direction. The bigger windows should be constructed in the East direction, whereas smaller ones towards North.
  • The storing racks of commodities such as pulses, grains, spices must be in the West or South direction.
  • The sink should be in the North-East corner. The water source such as water filter or pitcher should be kept in the North East direction.
  • The Puja room or temple must never be above the stove or the kitchen sink as it brings bad luck.
  • The tiles or colour of the walls should be yellow, orange, pink, brown or red. It should not be black or white.
  • If the kitchen is in West direction it will have a medium pace but if it is in the North East direction than there is a chance of great loss and mental tension can increase, if in South West than life becomes challenging facing hardships, Illness increases, and due to South East direction the people in the house may burn and other risk factor increases.
  • If a dining table is used it should be kept in West or North West direction.
  • Mezzanine floor should be taken out from West or South direction.

:Dining Room:

  • East, South or West portion of the house are for the dining rooms.
  • The dining room can be an independent room or in continuation of the kitchen.
  • If the kitchen is on the ground floor dinning room should not be kept on the top floor.
  • While eating the head of the family must always sit to eat facing east. The others can sit facing East, West, North direction.
  • Nobody should sit to eat facing South as it creates tension and argument.
  • Before starting to eat one must feed the birds, cow and other (pet) animals .
  • The dining table should not be round, oval shaped, hexagon or any other shapes. It should be only square or rectangle. It should not be kept stuck to the wall or folding to the wall.
  • Water should be kept in North East direction of the dining room.
  • The wash basin if has to be placed, it can be in the North or East of the room with the water draining to the North East.
  • The dining room door and the main door of the house should not be facing each other.
  • Natural scenery photos bring happiness.
  • Metal items if used should be in less proportion.
  • The door in the dining room should be in East, North or West direction. There should be no arch.
  • Drinking water should be compulsorily kept in the North East direction.
  • Latrines should not be there next to the dining room, but if a space for washing clothes and utensils is available it creates no negative effects.

:Store Room:

  • North-West direction is the best direction for storing extra necessity items. There is no shortage of food if stored in this direction.
  • The door of the store room should not be in South-west direction.
  • The height of the store room should not be more than the other rooms.
  • A window is compulsorily needed in East or West direction for air circulation.
  • The doors should have two shutters.
  • The walls and tiles of the store room should be white, yellow or sky blue.
  • Racks or cupboards can be put on the walls of South and West direction.
  • Yearly grains should be stored in the South West direction in drums or in gunny bags. Daily routine usage of grains should be kept in the North West direction.
  • On the East wall of the store room a photo of God Laxmi Narayan should be kept.
  • In the South East direction of the store room space of 1 to 2 foot should be left vacant.
  • Water pots, and utensils filled with water should always be kept in the North east direction. This area should never be kept empty.
  • Next to the South East direction towards South oil, ghee, butter, kerosene, Gas, cylinder if kept gives beneficial results.
  • Nobody should sleep at night in the store room.
  • Dining table can be kept in the store room.
  • Never keep empty bottles or drums in store room. If so fill it by keeping any other things in it or a few handful of grains can also be put in it.
  • Never remove any food grains from the store room in the evening.
  • Never let cob webs be developed in the store room if so than clean it frequently.


  • The master bedroom should be in the South-West area of the house. The head of the family should sleep in this room or even the eldest son can sleep.
  • The bedroom should never be constructed above porch, car parks and kitchen.
  • A bedroom should never be in a puja room.
  • Beds should be placed so as the head of the person should be in South or West direction.
  • The bedroom should never be constructed on four pillars with no construction under the bedroom.
  • The beds should never be placed under the joint in roof or under a beam.
  • The beds should always be kept away from the walls.
  • If any cabinets/almirahs are to be paced with valuables than it should be in the South-West of the room opening towards North.
  • An attached bathroom to the room can be to the North-West or South East of the room.
  • Entrance door to the bedroom may have a window opposite to it.
  • South-West corner of the bedroom should never be left empty, always keep heavy things, furniture etc in this corner.
  • Avoid keeping a television in the bedroom. If it has to be kept, it should never be in front of bed, as it generates negative energy.
  • The dressing table in the bedroom should be kept in the North direction.
  • Reading and writing activities can be carried out in the West or East of the bedroom.
  • The door of the bedroom should be in the East, West or North.
  • Vastu allows sleeping with head in any direction except North.
  • Sleeping with head in the East improves health, increases knowledge and increases a liking for spiritualism.
  • Children should always sleep with head in the East.
  • Sleeping with one’s head in the west causes bad dreams, illness, disturbed sleep and violent nature.
  • Sleeping with head in the North causes fear and sleeplessness and major illness.
  • South is the best direction for sleeping. Sleeping with one’s head in the South brings happiness and sound sleep. It also leads to increment in wealth and prosperity.
  • As a general rule in Vastu light colours in houses are always better than dark shades.
  • The colours of the walls in the bedroom should be light rose, blue, green, grey etc for they encourage intelligent thinking.
  • Yellow and white coloured marble stones should not be used in the bedroom.

:Strong room:

  • Strong room can also be kept in North direction and is auspicious.
  • There should be only one entrance with two door shutter.
  • The door should not be in South-East, South West, North West and South.
  • The doors in East and North direction are very auspicious.
  • There should be a small window either in East or North direction.
  • Strong room’s door should have a threshold of at least one and a half inch.
  • The height of the strong room should not be less than other rooms.
  • The strong room should be square or rectangular shaped.
  • There should be no photographs of God in the strong room.
  • Due to lack of space if doors of the strong room open in East will be allowed but if it is North-West or South-West corner than at least leaving one foot distance West side should be there.
  • Keeping the strong in North-East wealth gets destroyed. If kept in South-East unexpected expenses arrive. If kept in South–West corner wealth is also accumulated as well expenses are also less. If kept in South-East wealth gets used up in a jiffy or fear of getting robbed. If kept in North-West there shall be unlimited expenses. Money does not stay in your cupboards. Hence the strong should be kept in North side touching South wall and doors opening towards North direction.
  • If the storewel is without legs or on wooden platforms do not keep money in it.
  • The level should not be uneven but it should be straight. No slope. After keeping the strong it should not shake if so perfect packing should be used.
  • Clothes, Utensils and any other things should not be stored. If want to store than keep it at the lowest part.
  • Money drawer should not be loaded.
  • All valuable items should be kept either in West or South side of the storewel.
  • No heavy luggage or suitcases should be kept over the storewel as negative energy affects it.
  • Never keep the storewel below a beam.
  • The strong room should be painted yellow due to this there is increase in your wealth.
  • Do net let cob webs get accumulated in the strong room or near the storewel as poverty sets in.
  • The tiles in the strong room should not be black, red and sky blue.
  • In Vadpax on a Wednesday morning or evening the storewel should be worshipped. In Magshar month the storewel should be worshipped on every Thursday or Friday.

:Study room:

  • Study room should be in the West portion of the house, but never in the South-West and North-West.
  • Buddha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Chandra (Moon), Shukra(Venus) effect having a study room in the West direction. Mercury increases brainpower, Jupiter increases ambition and curiosity. Moon helps in generation of new thoughts and ideas. Venus helps in the growth of talent.
  • One should sit facing East or North direction in the study room.
  • If there are windows in East, West and North direction than it is beneficial.
  • The door of the study room should be in North-East, East(leaving South East corner), North (leaving Vavya)or West (leaving South-West and North East)
  • There should not be any lavatories in the study room.
  • The colour of the walls in the study room should be green, blue, cream and white.
  • The door in the Study room should be of 2 shutters.
  • Book rack and cabinets should be placed in the East, North, North-East direction and never in South-West and North-West of the room.
  • No cabinets or tables should be placed in the center of the room.
  • It is best to leave the centre portion of the study room empty.
  • Never sleep in the study room.
  • The room if used only for meditation, studying, reading should be given a shape of pyramid. This change will give surprising benefits.

:Wastage Store Room:

  • This room should be in the South-West direction of the main vastu.
  • Things which are not used in the daily routine should be kept in the wastage store room.
  • The length and breadth of the room should be less.
  • The wastage store room should have no doors in South-East, North-East and South direction.
  • The door should be of one shutter preferably made of metal.
  • The wastage store room if coloured need to be painted dark grey or sky blue. Never paint white or yellow.
  • Repair immediately the uneven flooring or if there are any cracks in the walls.
  • The wastage store room should not be given on rent, nor to be slept nor should be used for any other purpose.
  • The room should be full of heavy luggage.
  • Never entre this room in mid afternoon, evening or at night. If done it gives ill effect on the health.
  • Never keep important documents, wealth or jewellery as once kept in it nothing comes out very fast from the room
  • Never keep God’s photograph nor burning essence stick in the wastage store room.
  • If a sick person is shifted in this room that person dies soon.
  • Never do any auspicious work in the wastage store room.
  • Never dig an underground tunnel below this room.
  • Never keep the South-West direction empty in this room.
  • Negative energy is active in the South-West direction hence the corner should be covered.


  • Verandahs should be in the East or North portion of the house.
  • More open places towards the East and North side of the house are good, as it brings positive energy of the morning sun to the house.
  • The South-West portion of the Verandah should always be higher then the North-East portion, both at floor and the ceiling levels.
  • Heavy furniture and plants should be placed in the South-West portion.
  • North-East portion can be used to place light plants and flower decorations.
  • A shoe rack, if needed, can be built or placed in the North-West portion of the Verandah.


  • If the bathroom is in the East direction (near the corner of Agni) it is very beneficial.
  • The morning sun rays coming from East if falls on us is believed to be beneficial for our health hence a proper window should be provided.
  • The slope of the bathroom floor should be towards North and East so water drains to the North-East side of the bathroom.
  • Wash-basin and shower should be kept either in Eshan or East side.
  • Geyser, Switch-board should be installed in South-East of the bathroom.
  • Bath-tub can be on the West side with head side in South.
  • If a changing room has to be set up in the bathroom then it can be set either in South or West direction of the bathroom.
  • Washing machine can be placed in the North-West or South-East portion of the bathroom.
  • Mirrors can be hung either in East or North side of the bathroom, South side should be avoided.
  • The walls and tiles of the bathroom should be either white, light blue, or any light shade which will give happiness. Try to avoid dark red or black colour.
  • Avoid a door on the South-West of the bathroom.
  • Bathing should be done facing East or North direction.
  • The clothes to be washed should be kept in North-West direction.
  • W.C. should never be kept in North-East, East, South-East, South and South-West direction.
  • W.C. should at least be 5 to 9 inches high if kept in the bathroom.
  • A small border should be constructed so the water from W.C. will not enter the bathroom.


  • Toilets should be constructed in the North-West of the house.
  • Avoid constructing a toilet in the center of the building and in the North-East of the building.
  • If it has to be an attached toilet, let it be to the North-West side of the room or towards the South-East of the building.
  • The toilet should be at least one to one and half foot high.
  • The W.C. should be placed either in West side, South side or the North-West direction of West.
  • The W.C. should be placed in such a way that a person when using it sits facing East or North direction.
  • The doors of the toilets should be East or North direction.
  • The water collection should be in the East or North corner of the North-East. It should never be in South-East or South-West direction.
  • The slope and outlet of a toilet should be towards East and North direction.
  • Never use marble in toilets, the shade of tiles is as per your choice.
  • There should be a small window in any of these directions East, North or West.
  • Avoid using slanting glass in the window.
  • Preferably use wood or plywood.

:Septic Tank:

  • A septic tank cannot be constructed in South-East, North-East, South-West directions.
  • The septic tank should not be touching the compound wall or the plinth level of the house.
  • Out of the three parts of the septic tank water part should be kept towards East and the remaining part towards West.
  • If lack of space than the septic tank can be constructed in the North-West direction of West side leaving a space of one to one and half foot .
  • The length of the septic tank should be if possible East –West and breadth South-North direction.
  • Septic tank should not be higher than plinth level and if possible let it be towards ground level.
  • The outlet of the Septic tank should be North or West direction.

:Drainage PipeLine:

  • The pipelines of Bathroom and Kitchen should be outletted in East or North side.
  • Never ever remove the outlet in South direction if done than it should be taken towards East or North side.
  • The Gutter line is a little away from South.
  • If the drainage pipes coming from top floor of a building the pipes should never be in South-West direction, and if there than there should not be any leakages.


  • A plot should be square or rectangular in shape. Preferably square is the best.
  • The ground level should be higher in South & West rather than North and East.
  • Plots which face North or East are better than those facing South or West.
  • There should not be any pit or well in South or West direction.
  • No hills or mountains should be there in East or North of the plot.
  • There should not be any big tree in North or East of the plot.
  • All four corners should be at 90 degree.
  • All rain water should flow from South to North and West to East.
  • South West should be highest and North East should be lowest in level.
  • If a dead end of a road is coming in our plot then it should be taken care of because some are good & some are bad. This is called Vithisoola.
  • At the time of purchasing adjacent plot purchase only in the East, North or North-East plots.
  • Never purchase adjacent plot in South or West or never accept it even offered for free.


  • The plot should be square or rectangular shape (at the most 1:2 ratio). At least the South-East direction and the South-West direction corner are 90 degrees.
  • Boundary walls in the South and West should be heavy and taller than walls in North and East.
  • South-West portion of construction should be at highest point.
  • Slope of roof should be in North or East. It should not be vice a versa.
  • If overhead water tank is required, it should be in South-west or west. But should not be in North-East.
  • If underground water tank is required , then it should be in North-East but never in South-West.
  • All rain water should flow from South to North or West to East.
  • Septic tank should be in central East or North but should not be in South or West.
  • Security guard should sit facing East or North only.
  • Canteen should be in South-East.
  • Toilets, bathrooms should be in South-Eat or North-West.
  • Big heavy machineries should be installed on South and west side of the plant area.
  • All operators should face preferably North or East but never South.
  • Production should be from South to North or West to East.
  • Raw material godown should be in South-West.
  • Finished goods godown should be in North-West.
  • Dispatching should be made from North-West gate facing East.
  • Water in the South-East will reduce production.
  • Transformer, furnace, oven should be put in South-East.
  • The proprietor, managing director or working partner should always sit in South-West facing East or North.


  • Boss should sit South-West facing East or North.
  • Computer room should be in South-East.
  • Cashier should be in North.
  • Reception should be in North-East.
  • Marketing departments should be in North-West
  • Purchase department and other should be in South-West.
  • Telephone, side tables should be in South-West corner.
  • There should not be any obstacles in front of any door opening.


  • The Master bedroom should be in the south-West corner of the flat.
  • If the flat is multi floored then the master bedroom should be on the top floor.
  • Childrens’ room in the North-West Corner of the flat.
  • Bathrooms should always be in the West or South direction
  • The drainage from the bathroom should always flow in the North-East.
  • Drawing room should be in North-West.
  • Kitchen should be in the South-East.
  • Study room can be in any of these NorthEast, NorthWest, North, West, East corners.
  • The study table should be kept in Eastern or Northern wall.
  • The study room and the puja room should be adjacent to one another as this is considered very auspicious.
  • The guest room should be in the North-West direction
  • Doors should be in North and East. The waves that rise from the doors influence the mind of the person entering the door.
  • Balconies should be in North, East or North-East directions. Eastern balcony is very auspicious according to Vastu.
  • Water tank should be in North-West.

For in depth details please refer to Houses.

:Business Premises:

  • The door of the premises through which the customer enters should be preferably facing East as this gives profits. If facing West intermittent Profits and Losses, facing North growth of Wealth, Prosperity , but facing South is the most unfavorable as one suffers loss and hindrance.
  • The owner or the salesman should sit in the shop/office facing towards East or North.
  • One faces troubles and also incurs heavy loss if facing South or West.
  • Gaumukhi shape office is not auspicious for business purposes.
  • Singhmukhi shape office is auspicious and beneficial for commercial purposes.
  • Four sided rectangle or square shapes are good as well auspicious.
  • Offices having irregular shape, triangular shape or even extended corners suffer from loss of money and mental peace also.
  • There should be no threshold at the entrance of the shop or business plot.
  • Slope towards the entrance is also inauspicious making the profits unstable.
  • Idols of Gods or Goddess specifically Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi should be kept on the right hand side or in North-East Corner.
  • Swastik and Shubh Labh are auspicious symbols to be marked on the wall.
  • Cash counter should be placed facing North.
  • Never leave Cash box blank or empty.
  • Daily in the morning as well as in the evening a lamp should be lighted along with incense stick after praying to your favourite God.
  • A tree or a pole in front of your premises causes Vedh, which is inauspicious as it creates problems and disturbances in the business.
  • It is auspicious to keep the North-East corner empty or reserved for the worship or God.
  • The business concern either shop or office should be always kept neat and clean.


  • Location of Chamber:
    Chambers differ as per the profession. Government offices & head of corporate should be located far from the main entrance.
    An office that is protected from interrupting visitors flourishes. Do not sit cross-legged at your work place.
  • Seating Arrangement:
    Avoid pointed edges of tables at business meetings.
    At your work place do not sit with your back exposed to the entrance.
    Over head beams or fans are considered inauspicious and should be avoided.
  • Shape of the Desk:
    L Shaped, U Shaped or Oval Shaped desks are not favourable for growth in career.
    Keep smooth rectangular shaped desks in your office.
  • Some More Advice:
    Keep a vase of fresh flowers on the North-East side of your desk. Change the flowers daily.
    Quartz crystals in your office are good for a smooth career and also brings in more opportunities.
    Face to the North, East when you work, for boosting concentration.


  • For a peaceful, restful sleep and healthy life never keep head while sleeping towards North but should always keep towards South or East.
  • Facing North direction while cooking, eating or drinking should be avoided. East is the best direction for better taste, digestion & healthy body.
  • Face while worshipping should either be towards North or East for better concentration.
  • Tulsi & Rubber plant should be kept in the house preferably North-East. This purifies the air.
  • A pregnant lady should not sleep in the North-East room to avoid miscarriage or abortion.
  • All the walls of the house should never be painted same colour to maintain health & happiness.
  • Face either North or East while working, studying or negotiating with clients. This will increase in giving quick & sharp memory.


  • To enhance romance in life foremost thing is bedroom. The bedroom should be in the South-West direction.
  • Sleep pointing towards Southern corner.
  • Master bedroom should be painted in light colour tones such as sea green, light rose and blue.
  • Crystal showpieces can be used for decorating the house. Crystal assists attracting light; simultaneously it gives light to your relationship.
  • Living space should be de-cluttered as cluttered things restrict the flow of love.


  • For speeding up the slow or stagnant finance level at least one light should be kept on through out the night. (Light is yang energy)
  • Fish aquariums are wonderful for wealth. The fishes should be active, lively, healthy as well good swimmers. As their constant move keeps the wealth also moving.
  • Front door should be distinctive from the other neighbouring walls to attract wealth within.
  • Dirty glass restricts money flow so all glass windows, mirrors should be crystal clear.
  • Hanging crystals in the window which gets maximum sunlight activates energy.
  • A mirror should be hung to reflect cash box or locker as it symbolically doubles wealth ad opportunities.
  • Birdbaths and bird feeders are wonderful acts of cleaning up finances and attracting prosperity from all directions.
  • If money seems to be disappearing put some weighty or solid objects in the far-left corner of the room or house, plus extra light.
  • A fountain with the sound of moving water also attracts money & reliable luck care should be taken the water flow should not be towards exit. Running water helps move positive energy.


  • For planning a pregnancy the couple must use the North-West room and once conceived shift to North-East room.
  • The South-East sector of a building and room should be avoided by the pregnant lady at least for the first trimester.
  • Pregnant ladies should avoid sleeping with heads to the East. They should sleep with their head to the Southern direction
  • The colour blue has cooling qualities; hence a night bulb emanating soft blue light during night is suggested.
  • Violet & indigo which are also known for their soothering qualities can be used during pregnancy.
  • Violet is believed to be very good for maintaining sodium & potassium balance & bone growth of the body.
  • Also pregnant mothers who meditate regularly should meditate under the violet light as it’s a motivating and spiritual colour.
  • In case, there are any pains, indigo should be used for its anesthetic qualities.
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