The house of your dreams



  • In the month of Chaitra or March – April if a house is built the owner may have to face financial loss and will have some fear.
  • A house if built in the month of Jyestha or May – June gives good results to the owner of the house.
  • A house if built in the month of Ashadh or June – July brings loss/ harm to animals.
  • A house if built in the month of Shravan or July – August gives benefit in the family.
  • A house if built in the month of Bhadrapad or August – September gives trouble and brings sickness to the owner of the house.
  • A house if built in the month of Ashyuj or September – October brings fights and increases the
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    enemies for the owner.

  • A house if built in the month of Kartik or October – November brings sudden benefit in finance.
  • A house if built in the month of Margshish or November – December gives many factors for fear to the members.
  • A house if built in the month of Posh or December – January gives fear of fear and other troubles can also be faced.
  • A house if built in the month of Magh or January – February is auspicious for all the members in the family.
  • A house if built in the month of Phalgun or February – March gives stability of finance and stability to the members. If the saturn is in Swati, Anuradha or Revati nakshatra or all this nakshatra fall on a Saturday or during this time period of nakshatra it is a Tuesday than never build a house.

The Holy Month: Shravan


Shravan the fifth month in the Hindu Calendar is the considered as most holy & auspicious. The Nakshatra Shravan is the ruling star on full moon day and hence this month is named Shravan. This whole month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and worshiping him during this month brings or gives auspicious results by his blessings. Many people observe fast for the whole month to get the blessings of Lord Shiva and offer a lot of religious pujas to him for invoking his blessings. During this month, the cosmos is super charged with Shiva tattvas (Shiva elements) that purify the mind, the senses, the body and the self (Soul) through the rituals dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The Story of Shravan:

The “Samudra Manthan” or “Churning of the Oceans” between the Gods and the Demons took place in the month of Shravan. During this process fourteen types of rubies came out. From the fourteen rubies thirteen which were distributed between the Gods and the Demons. The poison or Halalal was given to Lord Shiva who drank it and stored it in his throat which made him get the name ‘Neelkanth’ means Blue Throat. 

To reduce the effect of the poison Lord Shiva wore the crescent moon on his head. To reduce the effect of the poison all the Gods and Demons started offering the water of Ganges  to Lord Shiva.  After this event all the devotees offer the water of Ganges to Lord Shiva especially in the month of Shravan as the event of offering water had taken place in Shravan.

People wear Rudraksh (highly auspicious) in this month. All Mondays falling in the month of Shravan are observed with austerity. People worship Lord Shiva especially on Mondays, go to temple and seek his blessings. No other Mondays are so special except in the month of  Shravan.  People fast for the whole month or on all the Mondays falling in Shravan. 

Importance Of Swastik

Swastik is called

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the symbol of the universe. It’s midpoint is called as Lord

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Vishnu’s navel

Chakras Of Human Body

Chakro Nu Naam Muladhar Chakra Swadishthan Chakra Nabhi Chakra Hriday Chakra Vishudhi Chakra Aagya Chakra Sahastraar Chakra
Sthaan Karodraju ni pachal Maldwar ni upar Ling ni Pachal , Karodraju ma Naabhi ni pachal and karodraju Hriday ni pachal, karodraju ma Kanth ni pachal, karodraju ma Be Bhramar ni Vache (Triji Aankh) Talubhag
Granthi Adrenal Janendriyo Pakvashay Thaymus Thyroid Pitutary Pinichyal
Rang Lal Narangi Pilo Lilo Bhuro Jambli Soneri Pilo
Pankhdi Chaar Cha Dash Baar Sol Be Ek Hajaar
Tatva Pruthvi Agni jal Vaayu Aakash Prakash Avkash
Gods/ Goddess Shri Ganesh Shree Brahma Shri Laxmi/Shri Vishnu Shri Shiv/ Shri Jagdamba Virat Swarup Sadguru Mata Parvati
Graha Mangal Budh Guru Shukra Shani Surya (Ravi) Chandra
Jhaad Vad Piplo Audumber Bilipatra Limdo Chandan Rudraksh
Ratna Parwalu(Mungu) Panna Pokhraj Hiro Neelam Manek Moti
Siddhi Mantra Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Sham Om
Rog/Khami Cancer, Haras, Masa, Charitrya Diabetes, Acidity, Nanakiya Prashno Hridaythi sambandhit bimariyo Galathi sambandhit bimariyo Mansik Rogo Asantulita
Grahpida Dushcharitrya Nakaratma Shakti Arthik Samasya Bhay, Asurakshitata Aatmaglani, Atma thi virudh karyo karva, Jhutu bolvu Nakaratmak Shakti Mansik Samasya
Chakra Kharab Thavana Lakshan Nakaratmakta, Apavitrata Aniyantrit Vichar Asantosh Asurakshitata Asafalta Mansik Ashanti, Asantulan Vehmipanu, Avishvasta
Prapti Nirdoshta/Pavitrata Vicharo upar niyantran Santosh, Samadhan Salamati Sarvdharma Sambhav Shamadaan Nirvichar Stithi
Phool Jasvanti Galgoto Sonchampo Gulab Mogro Jasmine Kamal
Vanaspati Limdo, Vaans nu phool Gajar, kobi, beet Palak, Methi, Alvi na Lasan,
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Ajmo, Leela Marcha Tameta, Kothmir Limbu



Swastik is the symbol of universe. It’s centre point is considered as the navel of Lord Vishnu. The four lines of Swastik is connected to Indra, Brahma,

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Sun and Vishnu. The four dots which are done inside the swastik are symbols of sun, moon, earth and universe. This symbol is drawn on the main entrance of the house. Idol of Lord Ganesha, swastika, kalash etc is kept. It is a very auspicious symbol.

Suitable Tree Plantations in North – West

The trees which can be planted in  North – West are:

Asopalav, Walnut (Akhrot), Ambla, Pomegrante (Anar), Bermuda grass (Durva), Bamboo (Vaas)

Suitable Tree Plantations in the West

The trees which can be martins pharmacy planted in harris teeter pharmacy West are:

Eucalyptus (Nilgiri), Neem (Limdo),

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Bilipatra, does viagra do Ashok, natural viagra at gnc Sandalwood free viagra (Chandan), Saffron (Kesar)

Suitable Tree Plantations in South West Direction:

The cialis free sample trees which can be planted canadian pharmacy propecia in canadian pharmacy acyclovir South West are:

Neem (Limdo), Bili, Asopalav, Ashok, Arjun, cost of cialis vs viagra Coconut (Naliyari), Bamboo(Vaas)

cialis 100mg tablets


Suitable Tree Plantations For South Direction:

The trees which can be planted in australia buy viagra South viagra professional

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cialis substitute

Bili, Peepal, Ashok, Sandalwood (Chandan), Asopalv, mexican online pharmacy Coconut (Naliyari)

Suitable Tree Plantations for South East Direction

The trees which can

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be planted in South East are:

Bermuda grass (Durva), Anar, Bamboo (Vaas), Coconut (Naliyari), Rose (Gulab), Walnut (Akhrot) and Mogra.

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