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Marriage Compatibility

It is believed that marriages cialisfree-sampleonline are made in cialis and loss of vision heaven. Even when people fall in love and then get married, you hear ‘God made match’, and similar statements. However, marriage compatibility is a thing that very evidently appears to be more important than the divine influences. Even if the cialis commercial hammock divine influence is admitted, it is to pharmacy hours real canadian superstore be noted that divinity 100mg viagra can bring you together while marriage compatibility viagra dosage influences the relationship, and thereby, the extent cialis dose after prostatectomy of the efectos secundarios del cialis relationship.


Many astrologers who match kundlis of bride/groom give importance to Gunank, but only free cialis sample Gunanks are not important. Mostly out of 36 Gunanks if less than 18 Gunanks are matched than it is said generic cialis online rye beach pharmacy canada that the kundlis are not matching. But instead of Gunank matching Planet matching is very important. Gunank is done only on moon signs whereas other 8 planets are also responsible for married life. Eg. On one’s Mars others Venus is there which helps to balance love throughout their life. In the cialis alcohol interaction same way on one’s Jupiter others Moon or Sun is there which helps in health, children, tuning etc. So all this factors are also considered in matching Kundlis.



Mangal Dosha in Janma Kundli

Today many astrologers spread fear regarding Mangal Dosha by saying Mangal is very heavy, Ghatdi a che, Paghadi a che.


But to have Mangal Dosha in one’s kundli is a good thing. The meaning of “Mangal” is Shubh. If Mangal is in a male’s kundli it is called Paghadi a and in a female’s kundli it is called Ghatdi a .


Mangal Dosha is a astrological combination of planets that occurs if Mars is in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of an ascendant chart (Natal Chart or Langa Kundali Chart ) For match-making a Mangal kundli against a Mangal kundli is the best match. But nowadays Shani, Rahu, Surya etc is also considered for matching. Else this condition is astrologically believed to be devastating for marriage, causing discomfort and tension in relationship, leading to separation and divorce, and in some cases, it is believed to cause untimely death of one spouse. Mars expresses a persons desire, power and energy level of a person who needs the same level of opposite sex. Hence it is necessary to see all the parameters and then decide for marriage. 



Need of Vastu Shanti Pooja & Yagna

In viagra free samples society when people buy a new house, office, showroom etc do not prefer doing Vastu Shanti Pooja, instead they perform Satyanarayan Katha, Gayatri Hawan or Laxmi Hawan which is not perfect.


When one buys raley’s pharmacy a new pre pharmacy house or shop then this Vastu Shanti Pooja is compulsory as this eliminates all negative energies and also we ask God viagra and altitude sickness to forgive for the killing of all the small insects during construction process. This Vastu Shanti Pooja once done helps the inmates to do well in business and also promotes peace in the house. This Vastu Shanti Pooja vidhi done by procedure is very effective although it is very simple.


Vastu is cialis alternatives a part of Sthapatya Veda (Vedic Architecture). According to the Vastu Shastra, energy imbalances in the home are the cause of obstacles in one’s progress. Sometimes there are faults in construction to add to any innate problems with the present energy of the environment. This Vastu viagra cialis mixing Shanti buy generic cialis cheap Pooja is highly recommended when moving into a new home, office or showroom.



Vastu Shashtra & North East Corner

The five elements of Panch Mahabhuta are Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether. Taking care of these elements is called Vastu Shastra. NorthEast direction is also called as ” Eshan” or “Ishan” Corner or Vastu Pooja Corners or God’s corner. The head of Vastu how often can you take viagra Purush is always in Eshan direction


(Northeast) Eshan corner is the most important corner that gives all round development. If Eshan corner is loss the family suffers a lot and the members suffer with many problems, and if Ishan corner is clean, risen or extended then the family members position will gradually develop. They lead a peaceful and enjoyable life. This is the holiest direction among 8 (Eight) directions in Vastu Shastra. This direction should be open and less loaded when compared to all other directions.


This direction is responsible for children’s education cialis forum and their improvement. Water should be kept in this direction in the form of underground water tanks. This direction acts as the antenna for receiving the cosmic energy, from the universe. Hence in this direction kitchen, latrines, sokepit, storerooms are strictly prohibited.



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