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Aakash (Space):

 Vastu is the only body of thought that gives Space the status of a natural fundamental element. Vastu Shastra is, therefore, superior to any modern or traditional school of architecture in the world. It is related to our sense of hearing, in a house, space element is related to the centre portion or the brahmasthan. It is important that brahmasthan be kept open and light. Any disturbances in the space element affect your growth.

Ether or Space

Direction: Centre and North East
Regent: Soma the moon-god
Sense: Hearing
Symbol: Diamond or lozenge
Nature: Light, the Spirit, Vibration, Harmony, Divinity
Stands for: Creativity and Dynamism
Apt rooms: Prayer/meditation space, Study Room, Library
To strengthen: Clear space, Soothing music, Windchimes


Vayu (Air):

 The Air or Vayu is vital for our survival. Our sense of sound, touch and feel are related to Air. The air on earth is a mixture of various gases like nitrogen, oxygen, helium, hydrogen etc. Oxygen is vital for human beings and nitrogen is essential for the growth of plant life which in turn provides oxygen. Vastu recommends proper placement of doors, windows, ventilators, balconies, height of structure and placement of trees and plants for balancing the Air element within the structure.


Direction: North West
Regent: Vayu the wind-god
Sense: Touch
Symbol: Crescent
Nature: Transparency, Cold, Dry, Restless, Intellectual
Stands for: Pervasiveness, Movement
Transitory activities: Bathing
To Strengthen: Pleasing textures, Gentle breeze: open windows



Sun is the most vital source of energy and light. It is the soul of the universe. Fire element “SUN” is related to our sense of sound, touch and sight. It is difficult to imagine life on earth without Sun.When the Sun rays combine with water, they get additional benefits. It is, therefore, recommended to have a water source in North-East direction.
To block North-East corner of your building is depriving yourself of most beneficial rays of Sun and has adverse results. The ultra-violet rays normalize the metabolism of the body. The ancient ritual of “Surya Namaskaar” wherein the beneficial rays of Sun become more potent when seen through fresh water offered to Sun god. The late afternoon and evening Sun with the harmful infrared rays should be avoided. It is recommended by Vastu to have tall and big trees in the South so that harmful rays of Sun are blocked.



Direction: South East
Regent: Agni the fire-god
Sense: Sight
Symbol: Triangle
Nature: Hot, Dry, Luminous, Clear, Light, Piercing
Stands for: Energy, Productivity and Power
Apt rooms: Kitchen, Fireplace
To strengthen: Fire burning, Lighting candles/lanterns


Jal Water:

After earth, water is the most important element. It is linked to our senses of taste, touch, sight and hearing. It is quantitatively the largest of the five elements, as more than 80% of our body and two-third of earth’s surface is water. Most ancient civilizations came up close to rivers and water sources.


Direction: North East
Regent: Vayu – the wind-god
Sense: Taste
Symbol: Circle
Nature: Liquid, Cold, Soft, Exciting, Moving
Stands for: Purity
Apt rooms: Bathroom, Guest Bedroom, Water feature; pool etc
To Strengthen: Urli – Bowl of water, fountain etc

Five Elements of Vastu Shastra

The first element of Vastu shastra

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Direction: South West
Regent: Nirriti
Sense: Smell
Symbol: Square
Nature: Heavy, Rough, Dense, Hard, Inert
Stands for: Stability of mind and body, health of inhabitants
Apt rooms: Master bedroom
To Strengthen: plant, stone
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