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Planets Rahu – Ketu And Occupations Related To It:

These both planets are not visible in sky but remains in a rashi for 1 and a half year.

As Rahu is uccha in Mithun-Vrushabh rashi and in Kumbh –Kanya rashi it is in its own house it gives shubh result.

Influence of Rahu: Gambling, smoky colour, sudden changes, lottery, black magic, smuggling, secret donation, accidental financial gains.

Influence of Ketu: black magic, cheating, battle, cross system, graveyard, animals with horns.


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Planet Saturn/Shani And Occupations Related To It:

It stays in a rashi for two and a half years. Its karaktva is machinery,

mineral products, hard labour, farming, cattle rearing, hereditary items, timber, usage of wood, oil mill, car industry, hardware, estate agent, risky business, iron scrap, ceramic, financial loss, luck, fracture, granite, insulation, tiles, selfishness, worry, stone, watch etc are under the influence of Saturn.


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Planet Venus/Shukra And Occupations Related To It:

Shukra stays in a rashi between what does cialis do 25 to 30 days. Its karaktva is perfumed cialis 30 mg reviews items, cosmetics, silk clothes, entertainment, alcoholic

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drinks, readymade garments, hotel business, beauty parlour, share gambling, decoration, narcotics, horse race, export business, ornaments, sugar, bakery, music, drawing, toiletries, fancy goods, romance, offerta viagra online profit and things related to ladies. All these things are under the influence of Shukra.


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Planet Jupiter/Guru And Occupations Related To It:

Guru stays in a women taking viagra rashi for

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thirteen months. It has karaktva in confectionaries, woollen clothes, grocery, honey, cialis online advertisement, bank, cloth, daily routine needs, commission agent, animal rearing, stationery, professor, public relation officer, printing press, higher studies, trust, increase of wealth cheap cialis etc. This all is achieved under the

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influence of guru.

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Planet Mercury/Budh And Occupations Related To It:

If budh is strong than a person has how was viagra invented a very good logic thinking power. It does cialis work on first dose stays in a rashi for 28 to 30 canadian pharmacy in sarasota fl days. It suggests business or occupation like travel business, financial institution, toy factory, insurance, marketing agent, lawyer, computer, agents, income tax, chartered accountant, company secretary, books, cialis sample publication, speech related business etc. It also can become the reason for spreading of rumors and time pass talks among can viagra be taken daily the society.


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Kinds of Rashis based on Tattva (Elements):

  1. Agni(Fire): Mesh/ Aries, Sinh/Leo, free trial cialis Dhan/Sagittarius
  2. Pruthvi(Earth): Vrishabh/Taurus, Kanya/Virgo, Makar/Capricorn
  3. Vayu(Air):
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    Mithun/Gemini, Tula/Libra, Kumbh/Aquarius

  4. Jal(Water): Karka/Cancer, Vrishchika/Scorpio, Meen/Pisces
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Rashi as per sun sign (Western Astrology):

 Dates Raashi and words Body parts
20/3 – 18/4 Mesh (a,l,e) Aries – head
19/4 – 19/5 Vrishabha(b,v,u) Taurus –neck,mouth
20/5 – 20/6 Mithun(k,cha,dha) Gemini-hand
21/6 – 21/7 Karka(da, ha) Cancer-breast
22/7 – 21/8 Sinha(ma, ta) Leo- heart
22/8 -21/9 Kanya(pa,tha, ana) Virgo-intestine
22/9-22/10 Tula(ra, ta) Libra- Bladder
23/10-20/11 Vrushchik(na, ya) Scorpio- Sex Organ
21/11-20/12 Dhan(bha,dha,fa,da) Sagittarius-  thighs
21/12-19/1 Makar(kha, ja) Capricorn- knees
20/1-18/2 Kumbh(ga,sha,sa) Aquarius- toes
19/2- 19/3 Meen (da,cha,za,tha) Pisces- sole

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