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Planet Mercury Nature And Behaviour


Element (Tatva): Earth/Pruthvi

God: Lord Vishnu

Gender: Impotent/ Napunsak

Varn: Dark Complexion/Shyam

Prakruti: Saumya (Polite)

Hold: Speech/Vaani, Vidya, Shilp

Colour: Green

Age: Kumar

Bhagyoday Year: 32 yrs

Caste: Vaishya

Karak: Buddhi, who discovered viagra Vaani, Quantity

Goon: Kingly(Rajogoon)

Sharir dhatu: Skin

Ras(Taste): Mishra

Direction/Disha: North

Ratna(Stone): Emerald

Metal/Dhatu: Bell metal, Brass, Shell

Climate/Ritu: Autumn

Avastha: Childhood

Rogsthaan: Hands, Legs

Diseases: Pittadi

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genericcialis-2getrx vikar, Tridosh(Cough, Acidic, Gas)

Bhavkarak: 4, 10

Vishotari Dasha: 17 yrs

Ashtotari Dasha: 17

Auspicious ruling from birth sign: 2,4,6,8,10,11

Inauspicious online pharmacy House: 4,8,12

Transit: 1 month

Lord of Sign: Gemini

Lord of Nakshatra: Aashlesha, Jyestha and Revati

Job/Business: Related to Education, Writer, Broker, Agent, Messenger etc.

Planet Mars Nature And Behaviour


Element (Tatva): Fire (Agni)

Caste(Gnati): Vaishya

Gender(Jati): Male

Varna: Red

Direction (Disha): South

Bhagyoday Year: 28 yrs

Karak: Brother

Goon: Tamogoon(Angry)

Sharirdhatu: Majja

Metal: Copper

Ras (Taste): Katu (Bitter)

Climate(Ritu): Summer (Grishma)

Prakruti: Pitta (Acidic)

Ratna: Parvalu (Red Coral)

Swabhav: Utavaliyo (Restless – Speedy)

Colour: Red

Bhavkarak: 3, 6

Ashtotari Mahadasha: 8 yrs

Vishotari Mahadasha: 7 yrs

Auspicious Ruling House In Kundli: 3,6,11

Transit: 1 and a half month

Fal Samay: First eight days

Own house Rashi: Aries, Scorpio

Lord of Rashi: Scorpio


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Lord: Mrughshish, Chitra and Dhanishtha

Rogsthaan: Piles, Jaundice, Fever, Accident etc

Service/Business: Fire, Iron, Medicine, Related to Chemicals, Police, Butcher, Barber, Cobbler etc


Planet Moon’s Nature And Behaviour


Element(Tatva): Jal/Water

Caste(Gnati): Vaishya

Gender(Jati): Female

Varna: White

Bhagyodaya Year: 24 yrs

Direction(Disha): Vayavya(Northwest)

Karak: Mother

Goon: Purnachandra(fullmoon) -Satvagoon and sheen Chandra(no moon)- Tamogoon

Sharirdhatu: Blood

Metal(Dhatu): Silver

Ras(Taste): Lavan (Salty)

Climate(Ritu): Monsoon

Prakruti: Cough

Rogsthaan: Mental tension, Shoulder

Ratna (Stone): Pearl

Swabhaav: Chanchal (Wavering)

Ashtotari Mahadasha: 15 yrs

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Vishotari Mahadasha: 10 generic cialis and alcohol yrs

Rashi Transit: 2 days and a quarter

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Own house Rashi: Cancer

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Rashi how much is cialis once a day Lord: Cancer

Nakshatra: Shravan, Rohini, Hast

Service/Business: Water related business, silver, viagra free trial pearl, business of white items, sailor


Planet Sun Nature And Behaviour


Element/Tatva: Agni (Fire)

Caste(Gnati): Shatriya

Gender(Jati): Male

Direction/Disha: East

Bhagyodaya Year: 22 yrs

Varna: Red

Karak: Pitru

Swabhav: Sthir/Steady

Goon: Satva

Sharir Dhatu: Bones

Metal: Copper

Ras: Tikho/Spicy

Climate/Ritu: Summer(Grishma)

Prakruti: Pitta(Acid)

Places of Disease (Rogsthaan): Mastak/Forehead, Netra/Eye

Ratna(Stone): Manek(Ruby)

Bhavkarak: 1, 9, 10

Ashtotari Mahadasha: 6 yrs

Vishotari Mahadasha: 6 yrs

Auspicious Ruling House in Kundli: 3, 6, 10, 11

Inauspicious House: 4, 8, 12

Transit: 1 month

Fal Samay: First five days

Own house Rashi/Lord of Rashi: Leo

Lord Of Nakshatra: Krutika, Uttarafalguni and Uttarashada

Job/Business: In Government section, public institutions, gold smith etc


Kemudrum Yog:

The house in which Chandra/Moon is cy better than viagra there and the house trusted canadian pharmacy either in front of or at the back of is vacant without any planet than kemudrum yog is created. bph treatment cialis Drashti of Guru/Jupiter and Surya/Sun should when viagra generic not fall on Chandra/Moon to form this yog.

The person under this yog can become a beggar, can have less knowledge, weave ring mind, lack of decision power.


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Chandal Yog:

By tadalafil online the yuti of Guru/Jupiter and Rahu this yog is created. This is a very inauspicious yog.

The experiences with cialis person having this yog can be born in a rich family but towards its order internet cialis mid age the wealth goes

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Vish Yog:

This yog is created when Shani/Saturn and Chandra/Moon are in yuti. There is no mental happiness.

The person having this yog is poor, should be alert from poisonous things, cannot take firm decisions in life, will have bad habits of gambling, smoking, drinking. The person likes to remain isolated.


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Dhan Yog:

Dhan and Labh has connection only if their place is in the fifth house. The person gets benefit in lotteries, shares and gambling.


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KalaNidhi Yog:

This yog is created when Shukra/Venus, Shani/Saturn and Mangal/Mars are in yuti or having drashti.

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For creation of this yog all the planets should be powerful. The person having this yog can be a producer, director, actor or photographer.


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Bhaskar Yog:



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yog is formed when Chandra/Moon is in the fifth place from Guru/Jupiter, Surya/Sun is in the second place from the Chandra/Moon, Budh/Mercury dougherty’s pharmacy is in the second place from the Sun. The person having this yog is happy and lives a satisfied life.

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