The Holy Month: Shravan


Shravan the fifth month in the Hindu Calendar is the considered as most holy & auspicious. The Nakshatra Shravan is the ruling star on full moon day and hence this month is named Shravan. This whole month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and worshiping him during this month brings or gives auspicious results by his blessings. Many people observe fast for the whole month to get the blessings of Lord Shiva and offer a lot of religious pujas to him for invoking his blessings. During this month, the cosmos is super charged with Shiva tattvas (Shiva elements) that purify the mind, the senses, the body and the self (Soul) through the rituals dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The Story of Shravan:

The “Samudra Manthan” or “Churning of the Oceans” between the Gods and the Demons took place in the month of Shravan. During this process fourteen types of rubies came out. From the fourteen rubies thirteen which were distributed between the Gods and the Demons. The poison or Halalal was given to Lord Shiva who drank it and stored it in his throat which made him get the name ‘Neelkanth’ means Blue Throat. 

To reduce the effect of the poison Lord Shiva wore the crescent moon on his head. To reduce the effect of the poison all the Gods and Demons started offering the water of Ganges  to Lord Shiva.  After this event all the devotees offer the water of Ganges to Lord Shiva especially in the month of Shravan as the event of offering water had taken place in Shravan.

People wear Rudraksh (highly auspicious) in this month. All Mondays falling in the month of Shravan are observed with austerity. People worship Lord Shiva especially on Mondays, go to temple and seek his blessings. No other Mondays are so special except in the month of  Shravan.  People fast for the whole month or on all the Mondays falling in Shravan. 

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